More stuff on SynchTube!

Spread this link around- it'll be playing Transformers videos 24/7, and be a great place to hang out and chat!

This is a new function called synchTV - where you can basically create a streaming station out of your playlists with a chatroom that runs 24/7.

Unfortunately the playlists can only go up to about 36 videos, so I've had to break up the episodes, but I did get all of the Animated episodes done! I'm thinking about importing Beast Wars eps, but there's lots of those, though not as many as G1! It would be cool to get a complete G1 playlist together, but I think I'm going to start with some "Best Of" Best Hound/Mirage eps, Best Dinobots, Best Stunticons, etc. :)

Ummm... if anyone feels like helping, just create playlists of up to 25 videos on youtube (in order!) and send me a link to it! :)


So, because of my Ratchet obsession, and because Ratchet toys tend to be sold with other toys that I don't like nearly as much as I like Ratchet, I've ended up with quite a few random Robot Heroes toys, and some Legends and Titanium toys that I don't want. These are free to anyone who would like them - take one take a bunch, whatevs. They will be mailed by USPS. If you'd like them mailed anywhere other than North America, I'd appreciate a buck or two to cover the postal charges.

NOTE: The photos (except for Blackout) are of the actual toys you will be getting.

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Real Life Creepypasta

So, around this time of year there's lots of tall tales to send chills down your spine floating around. I'm pretty much totally a skeptic about most things, but with an overactive imagination, I can freak myself out pretty bad. However, this was not my imagination, and I know it happened, because I was with my Station Captain at the time though he says... well. He won't say. But I could tell he was freaked too.

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meme time!

I ganked this from mmouse15. A bunch of questions about me, because I like talking about myself. :)

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Just FYI...

What my cat has available to sleep in...
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What my cat chooses to sleep in...

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